Wednesday, December 03, 2008

A good day

for some reason, I just can't seem to feel rested. In class, it feels like if I stay silent for 5 minutes, I will fall asleep. I guess that's why I talk so much. I'm sure all the kids I teach are pretty tired of that by now. I just don't know any other way to teach. Hopefully some kids are learning something. Aside from all that, tonight was fun. After a really long day, I got to spend some qualitytime with my boys at the house. We watched the end of "Cars", and both Aaron and Kody really like that movie.

Kody is really trying to solve problems and figure stuff out and that is really neat. He's asking "why" about almost everything. I am told I did that a lot, too. Aaron seems to be talking more and more clearly in the last week or so. He is just adorable. We were going to try to get some pictures made this week, but Kody decided to hit himself in the eye with a coke bottle last night. Sweet little shiner. He told me the lady that was babysitting called it "soda" and not "coke" and that really puzzled him and he questioned why one thing can have two different names. I know teenagers and adults who never ponder that deeply.

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes I feel that if you stop talking for 5 minutes, I am going to be the one who falls asleep! I sure have learned a lot though!

Your Best Buddy,
Christmas Bacon