Tuesday, December 02, 2008


I seriously have not updated this since September 2007. That is pathetic. There is way too much interesting stuff that happens on a daily basis to keep it all to myself. For instance, tonight at volleyball, I, or the team I was on never lost a game. See, this is the kind of crucial information you have been missing out on. I have a friend/acquaintance that usually plays, but he was "busy". I think he was acting like a homophone of a city in Saskatchewan. Maybe that is a little harsh. I take my volleyball very seriously. It is 11. It's bedtime. I will try to keep everyone updated on these fascnating details of my jet-setting, rockstar lifestyle.

1 comment:

Adam Cates said...

homophone of a city in Saskatchewan?

Lloydminster? Or wait, he was acting like a loidmenstir?