Thursday, December 04, 2008

Three in a Row

Maybe a record, I don't know. Three days in a row with a blog post is pretty sweet though, huh? Well, sweet for y'all, my fans. Both of y'all. Today was a cold day.

McDonalds has free coffee drink for the next couple of weeks to promote the new McCafe. It's gonna be like Starbucks, except for poor people who eat at McDonalds. I will never understand how you can buy a box of Swiss Miss for $1.50, but you pay $2.39 for a "gourmet" hot chocolate at the McCafe or similar setting. Oh, and another thing. There is no longer a double cheeseburger on the dollar menu. Yeah, the double cheeseburger is $1.19. That is crap, people. They do have a new "McDouble" on the dollar menu which is just like the DCB minus one piece of cheese. They decided to tell me this after I placed my order and was taken aback by the higher-than-normal total. The single piece of cheese on the McDouble is definitely worth the savings. I don't think a piece of cheese should cost $.19

So, Sunni and I took Kody and Aaron out in the stroller to look at some Christmas lights. That was fun. It was pretty cold outside, but they had their hoods, so it was all the hood...HA! Kody decided to argue whether the sun was asleep or not. He clearly identified the moon was awake. But then he also argued the sun was awake, because the moon was awake, and he kept pointing to the moon and saying, look, the sun is awake. I mean, technically, he is right, the sun never sleeps and the moon has light because of the sun, but I seriously doubt he knows anything about that and can argue that point from that level. I am thinking he just likes to argue.

Well then, I guess that just about wraps it up. Tomorrow is Friday. Yeehaw.

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