Thursday, May 31, 2007


I hope all of you remember where you were this evening. You may remember it for a while now. I just watched LeBron James single-handedly beat the Pistons. He scored the last 25 points and 29 of the final 30. Just insane. I was amazed by some of the shots he was taking, and hitting. Just incredible. Anyone who loves basketball is slightly sad because the rest of the Cavs seem to be so crappy, but most of us are just amazed that something like that just happened. So very fantastic.

We made it to Uvalde/Brackettville just fine. Sunni has to be at the hospital by 7:00 in the morning.

Everyone that can should go to the FCA All-Star Football Game in Abilene's Shotwell Stadium Saturday night at 7:00. It's going to be great. Will Schumann is playing, Abby Probst is cheering, Glen Jones is coaching, and Terry Bean is giving the invocation. Everyone who can, should definitely be there

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