Friday, June 01, 2007

Lots of Good News

Sunni was taken to surgery about 8:10 this morning. She was leaving the hospital by 3:00. Everything was a success. The bile duct was clean. I have some neat pictures taken with the scope, so when I can get to a scanner, I will post those. Sunni is in pain and has 4 new holes in her abdomen. She's doing really well.

Aaron is officially crawling. He is still pulling himself with his arms, instead of coordinating movement with the arms and knees at the same time, but it is officially a crawl. That is pretty awesome stuff.

Kody had fun jumping on JoLee and JB's trampoline this evening. He tolerates laying in the middle while I jump and bounce him, but he really likes when I hold him really close and then jump. He really likes that. He hated to go in this evening, as he does most all the time after playing outside. We also go to go play with the goats. He did lots of petting and a tiny bit of ear pulling. A little calf came wandering up to us and Kody thought that was so very cool. He kept calling it a dog, but can tell you that it moos.

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