Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Looking Ahead to the Last Day

Tomorrow is the last day of school. Although it sounds cliche, the year has really gone by quickly. I work with great teachers, great administrators, and for the most part, great students, so this school year never really seemed to just drag on. Tonight, I got to back up stuff from my old laptop. I only had 2 gigs worth of junk on it. I thought I would have more. I did get the job with Dr. Pace this summer. I will begin work on Tuesday after doing a little shadowing for the rest of this week.

I almost feel like I jinxed the Celtics for even mentioning the possibility of them missing out on Durant or Oden. The Sports Guy reveals that he did worse than I did to jinx his team. I know that it's spelled differently, but can we get Greg Oden a raven? That would be great. Then hip, cool sportswriters could exclaim, "Great Odin's Raven", but mean "Great Oden's Raven". Or maybe, Greg Oden could go to a rave, then hip, cool sportswriters could exclaim, "Great Oden's Ravin" Or if Oden turns into a Vin Baker-type hittin the sauce or the clubs too much, then they could exclaim with disappointment, "Great!....Oden's Ravin". Crap, I wasted a freaking paragraph on that? That reminds me of when Adam and I used to say a sentence, taking a turn to accent each different word individually and almost changing the meaning of the sentence. I am such a dork.

Tomorrow night is Meatfest 2007. All the coaches shall gather at AD Jones's house to cook meat and eat it. This was known in ancient times as a Bar-B-Q. But meatfest sounds much more dignified and esteemed. I am pretty tired now, so I will probably feed the dogs and go to bed. This is a picture of my big dog, Saint. He hasn't changed much since this picture was taken, but I have gotten significantly fatter.

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