Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Just About to Begin

The NBA draft lottery is about to come on, then the Spurs game will follow. ESPN ran a feature on San Antonio winning the lottery in 1987, picking David Robinson, then winning again in 1997, despite having exceptionally long odds, and getting Tim Duncan. David Robinson was on the show, and he looks like he could still play 20-25 minutes per game. He explained how much pressure is put on a lottery pick, and how he essentially saved the Spurs franchise from leaving town. The Spurs were drawing about 8,000 people per home game at the Hemisfair Arena. Robinson was essentially the reason the Spurs were able to move to the Alamodome, and He and Duncan are the reasons that the SBC/AT&T Center was built. Pretty amazing stuff. I kind of hope Boston gets the 1 or 2 pick tonight, or else Bill Simmons may commit suicide. I really like his columns, so for the sake of all those Sports Guy readers, the Celtics really need Oden or Durant. More to come after the Spurs game.


Sunni Len said...

Daniel hit me in the arm. I said help me and he said, "I will." and then out of nowhere he hit me in the arm. HOW RUDE!!!

Coach Cates said...

Well, I thought you had a mosquito or other dangerous, flying insect about to attack you. When you needed help, I assumed your life was in danger from this awful arthropod, so I hit where I thought it would be. I know. I assumed. One should never assume.