Friday, May 25, 2007

The End of School

Yeah. Well, it's over. No big deal. I don't feel this GIGANTIC relief like I did the past couple of years. Let's examine some differences in my experience this year versus the past two.
1. I am a much better teacher now. I just am. I think teachers get better every year. Or at least they SHOULD get better every year. I think my summer education courses helped.
2. This is the first spring/summer I am not looking for another coaching job. Maybe that is more of an effect than a cause, but if you are actively searching job boards, then that makes your current outlook a little dimmer.
3. I had a GREAT administration and co-faculty this year. I am not knocking anyone at the Rock, but the classroom management system that is in place here is awesome. The admin always has the faculty's back, so long as we aren't doing anything negligent or illegal. I have felt a TREMENDOUS amount of support here.
4. The kids are spectacular. 99% of the kids were just superb. They were all so eager to learn, and actually wanted to pay attention. We had outrageously high TAKS scores. This is due to hard work from the teachers. After school tutorials and utilization of AVS Study Hall time really helped a ton. Also, the kids just got it done. They didn't have a defeatist mentality. I can't say that about 99% of the kids previously.
5. I really like making lists. I think my love more list-making has really enabled me to enjoy this job a little more.
6. Great camaraderie with coaches. I think I also had great coaches in Rocksprings. I consider myself lucky to have worked for 2 great ADs. Robert is a great coach, and a great leader with a real clear vision of what he wants to get done. That's all someone can ask for in a boss.
7. I am encouraged to make lists. I am so glad that people want me to make lists, because I really like doing that.

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