Friday, May 25, 2007

I Miss my Wife and Kids

...No, not the TV show with Damon Wayans and Tisha Campbell. I miss Sunni, Kody, and Aaron. They went to Brackettville yesterday so Sunni could get her pre-surgery appointment in Uvalde. She is having surgery on June 1st. Kody is sick and I wish he was here. I know he is being taken care of, but I just miss him. I was looking on my laptop and found some old video of Kody and Aaron, and it was adorable. They will all be home tomorrow. I hope they have a safe trip.

In a non-related note, just because you have 165 channels doesn't automatically mean there is something good on TV. I have to be in a certain mood to watch movies, and I am not in that mood right now. I am kind of watching Comedy Central while I blog and run anti-virus on my laptop. Dane Cook sucks. He is so awful. At the risk of sounding like Dane Cook, I will refrain from saying I want to punch him right in the face. Dane Cook is like the illegitimate child of an unfunny Jim Carrey and Rosie O'Donnell. I know this is impossible, but still, it's the best combination I could come up with.

So far, I am enjoying working for Dr. Pace. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot when I worked for Dr. Blanton in San Angelo. He was so great to work for. He taught me a tremendous amount about science and medicine. He taught me about conservatism, and a little theology, too. All that, and I actually got paid. Heck of a deal. I hope I can be of some use to Dr. Pace this summer before coaching school starts and I get back into full-time football mode.

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