Monday, May 28, 2007

Those Crazy Mormons

Maybe it is an overgeneralization to assume that all Jazz fans are Mormons, but I think I am just the sort of guy to make that generalization. No matter what your false religion is, there is still no need to throw objects onto the court after your team gets beat. Sure, maybe the Jazz got hosed a few times on calls. The refs DID seem a little eager to call those technicals, but still. Take it like a man. No need to endanger anyone. Have you ever seen a team get that sort of treatment from the refs at home. I have no idea what was said by Jerry Sloan or Giricek, or Fisher, but it didn't seem to warrant getting a T. Was I giddy when they got T'd up? Sure I was. After the game, I almost felt a little dirty. I didn't feel dirty after the Spurs game 5 win over the Suns like all the media wanted me to, but after this one, I kind of did. Oooohh, just saw the press conference with Jerry Sloan. Absolutely refused to talk about his and Fisher's ejections. Said, "I'll just get in more trouble". I have always been very apathetic about Jerry Sloan. I don't dislike him. I think I respect him for being there so long. Obviously, he is a great coach, but I just never really cared for him much. On a semi-related note:

I had NO FREAKING IDEA THAT DERON WILLIAMS WAS THIS GOOD. I know, everyone is tired of hearing from it. Jeff Van Gundy and Marc Jackson are fighting with each other to see who can gush over him more. I wasn't really impressed with Williams at Illinois, and he wasn't overly-impressive as a rookie. I didn't watch the Jazz much during the regular season, but watched every game of the Houston series, and he seemed to really get any shot he wanted. He could get to the rim, he could hit the outside shot when the defender went under the screen on the pick-and-roll. I thought, "Crap, I hope he doesn't beat us." Well, he, Boozer, and Okur did. I just keep waiting for Bowen to lock him down, but the more I wait, I just don't think it is going to happen. I am really thankful that everyone but Williams and Boozer have been so crappy this series. No one can hit from the outside when Williams penetrates and dishes. Fisher will hit one every now and then, but not a big threat. I think that Williams can score 30 a game, and Boozer can get 27, but they will not win game 5. Just not enough help from everyone else.

A guy that I really dislike is Matt Harpring. I didn't use to dislike him, but I guess I have never rooted against him. He does a great job of posting up whoever is guarding him (usually a smaller guy like Finley) and is a general pest. A whiter, younger, Bruce Bowen, with a low post game.
Whenever I play as the Spurs in a franchise on a basketball game, I always trade Bowen. Video game basketball is all about offense, and Bruce Bowen sucks at offense. I have a deep appreciation for Bowen in real life. I don't think the Spurs could beat the Suns without Bruce Bowen

Gotta get to bed. Got to get to work early. Go Spurs Go!

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