Wednesday, May 09, 2007

John Edwards is the F-Word

Well, FLI. Flaming Liberal Idiot. OK, so Newsweek put out this poll saying B. Hussein Obama is leading even the top Republicans among possible voters. Ann Coulter weighed in on this on the Geraldo at Large program. She said that "in places where people actually get to vote, Republicans fare better." Also, when asked if she thinks Newsweek may have been making up the results of the poll, she said yes. Coulter said that Newsweek is "push-polling for Al-Qaeda." And of course, in our post-9/11, hypersensitive society, a liberal must speak out about "injustices" by the Right. Enter John Edwards. I'd say more about him, but it seems you have to go to rehab for using to word 'faggot'. Edwards said about Coulter, "Just when we thought Ann Coulter couldn’t take the politics of personal destruction any lower, she proved us wrong. Her outrageous comments are inexcusable and should not be tolerated in the public dialogue.” What? Did I miss something here? "Personal destruction"? "Outrageous comments"? And those would be what? "Comments...should not be tolerated in public dialogue?" Lets dissect this one argument at at time.

PERSONAL DESTRUCTION - Now, Coulter is no stranger to personal destruction, but there was none in this case. Prior bad acts don't count.

OUTRAGEOUS COMMENTS - This isn't that outrageous. Liberals just hate it when they are confronted with the fact that they help to support Jihad in the US. They just hate to hear it. Just face facts. Liberals love Al-Qaeda, and Al-Qaeda loves Liberals. Even Al-Zawahri knows that Democratic War Bill means defeat for the US.

NOT TOLERATED IN PUBLIC DIALOGUE - Well, that sounds even more communist than the usual liberal rhetoric