Thursday, May 10, 2007

Amare Stoudemire = Scaredy Cat

Well, in an ESPN article, Amare Stoudemire accused Bruce Bowen of deliberately kicking him in the Achilles on a play in the Suns blowout win in game 2. Now, calling a play dirty isn't too terrible. That happens. But, Mr. Microfracture went further. He called Bowen a dirty player. Well, I understand how that can happen when a player gets frustrated. Calling someone a dirty player is sometimes excusable. But, of course Amare couldn't stop there. He accused the Spurs of being a dirty team. The Spurs are the epitome of class is a league where class runs thin. They are the quintessential team in the NBA in terms of how to run a franchise. They are ABSOLUTELY not a dirty team. The playoffs are rough. This is basketball, get over it. Hey, Amare! Go back to Reggie Evans Summer Camp and see if you left your testicles there somewhere.