Friday, May 18, 2007

I am so Happy Right Now

I am so very pleased that the Spurs just won. I really am. I did a little celebratory fist-pumping and even a small dance number. Now, I like the Mavs. I do. I really wish they had advanced. I also like the Rockets a lot. There is just something about the Spurs that makes me like them the most out of those three. Maybe it is the championships. Maybe it is the fact that I have been to San Antonio tons of times, and even saw the Spurs play last year. I think that all of Central Texas kind of embraces the Spurs because, well, there isn't anyone else to root for. There are no NFL, MLB or NHL teams in that area to take money/support from the Spurs. I am exceedingly happy right now.

In a somewhat related story, ESPN HD is WAYYYYYYYY better than TNT HD. Almost scary better. I never knew Mike D'Antoni had freckles. Amazing stuff. I really will try to find a picture of D'Antoni stomping around. Last year, or year before, Bill Simmons compared him stomping around on the sidelines to Ron Burgundy stomping around in "Anchorman". That is funny stuff. Every time I see D'Antoni whining about a call, I just picture him saying, "...and her hair smells like CINNAMON!" I don't know why that is the line that I first think of, but it is.

I shall be visiting San Angelo to eat dinner with my parents at Henry's. I am excited about this, too. They haven't seen the boys since Christmas-ish, or whenever Mom got out of the hospital. Aaron has gotten huge. He is 15 lbs 13 oz. He is beginning to crawl. You can check out some video of this on Sunni's MYspace page. Everyone should go take her little quiz. Trust me, you should.

I am trying to get a summer job at a vet here in Brady. I hope that goes well. We need some additional income. That would help out a lot. A whole lot. Now I am just ranting. I am tired, and a little hyped up about the Spurs, so I feel like I can't go to bed, but I am also borderline incoherent while I'm awake. I think you all know what I am talking about. And to all 3 of my readers, have a good weekend. Happy Birthday, Kari.

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