Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Little Irritants

Are there some things that just really annoy you. Spelling and grammatical errors on public documents, like signs, billboards, and menus really get on my nerves. My most hated transgression is the inappropriate use of the apostrophe. If you have an apostrophe-s on the end of a word ('s), then that makes the word possessive, not plural. For example, I saw a menu from a small cafe that read "3 taco's, beans, rice, and salad" What is it that the tacos have? Do the tacos own the beans, rice, and salad? I have seen this way too often lately. I saw it on a sign at Fort Clark Days selling "Coke's - $1" Does the Coke get the money when you pay for it?

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Adam Cates said...

You know what really annoys me? When people forget to use the proper punctuation. For instance, if they ask a question but forget to put a question mark.
One example could be, "Are there some things that just really annoy you."
Since that particular sentence was a question, it needed a question mark.

Also, unnecessary quotes get on my nerves. You know what I'm talking about.