Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Now The Big Finish

We went to eat at Tex-Mex. It was very good. Kody was really fussy at the house before we left. I was worried about taking him out, but he was exceptional. All three of us boys got our hair cut in the backyard today.

Duke - UNC is going on right now. 9:10 in the 2nd, Duke 54-52. I have always liked Duke, but really never had a sound reason. I just kind of like the mystique or whatever Duke seems to have. I liked Wojo, Battier, Langdon, and even that goat Jason Williams. Adam and I were rivals during rivalry week. I think my liking Duke stemmed from wanting to argue with Adam. Or maybe because I never liked Michael Jordan.

Scheyer just hit a 3. 57-54, 7:35

Our varsity boys won on Tuesday vs Sonora. Robert Lee alumnus Eli Boxell is the head basketball coach in Sonora. Our boys seem to be in pretty good position to make the playoffs. We travel to Comfort on Friday and host Junction to round out the season Tuesday. Comfort is the district leader and Junction is mathematically eliminated from the playoffs.

I have really had a good time with basketball this year. Part of it is moving up a level. Going from 1A JH to 2A HS is kind of fun. More importantly, I have been able to learn from a great coach. I really don't know much about basketball at all. I have learned a ton this year. I'm looking forward to the next basketball season to implement some of the things I have learned.

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