Friday, February 24, 2006

Francis for Hardaway Expiring Contract

This trade is funny.  The acquisition of Jalen Rose’s fat contract for Antonio Davis’s expiring contract was pretty funny.  This one is the best.  One e-mailer suggested that they should acquire Jason Williams or Damon Jones and have an all “Shoot-first PG Lineup” vs Atlanta’s all SF lineup to see which is better.   Both Marbury and Francis wear #3.  As far as I know, they always have.  From Francis at Maryland and Marbury at Georgia Tech.  Maybe they can both wear it, like Duncan and Garnett in the All-Star game.  It should be interesting to see the Sports Guy’s reaction.  He already thinks Isaiah Thomas is a horrible GM.  This solidifies that claim.  The Mavs won last night.  Pau Gasol cannot guard Dirk.  Enough said.

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