Friday, February 24, 2006


Noble gases are also called inert gases.  Do you know why noble gases are inert?  Well, their outer energy level is completely full of electrons.  Helium, neon, etc don’t react with anything.  Chemistry is fun.  Two of my classes are learning the parts of the periodic table, valence electron and Lewis structures.  The other is learning about reaction stoichiometry, limiting reagents, percent yield, and all that fun stuff.  I may just start posting more useless chemistry stuff here to give it more content.  This way, if you ever wanted to learn chemistry, then this is a non-threatening place to learn it.  I will post what we’ve done the previous day.

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Texose said...

I have to say that Chemistry even when I took it in HS was a little
scarry for me. Thanks for the lessons. I truly would like to know a little more. When I do start taking college courses, I may need to see if you could help me out...hehehehe
In other words...