Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Wedding in 3 Days

Pretty crazy.  On Friday, we are playing golf and having a crazy-good bachelor party.  Man, there’s gonna be basketball, XBOX, IBCs in a bottle.  It is gonna be so wild.  My car has new tires.  That is cool.  I am going to eat lunch with my wife today.  Stew and potato soup.  This day seems dull.  There is nothing really eventful.  Reggie McNeal ran a 4.35 in the 40.  The NFLPA is being an idiot and don’t have a collective bargaining agreement for 2007.  There will be no salary cap for 2007, and there may be no labor deal for 2008.  This is not looking good so far.  Free agency could be impacted this offseason.  There better not be a stoppage.  OK, this is getting boring.  

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Sunni Len said...

So I am dull now thanks alot lovey.

Love you