Friday, January 20, 2006

Long Layoff

What in the world happened?  Ah yes, life happened.  Feeling tied to a blog is weird.  Things have been so very busy in the past weeks/months, but I have returned.  Hopefully, this will be a little more interesting.  I apologize to the guy that said the Steelers would beat the Colts.  He said this in October or November, and it turns out he was right.  OK, on to the big news.  Tonight is a HUGE district basketball game.  Harper comes here.  The Lady Horns are big.  They are really big and physical.  Our Lady Angoras are smaller, and I believe we will win this one because we have a great point guard and great shooters.  On the boys’ side, the Longhorns have a good outside game and a huge post.  We cannot match up size-wise with him, but if we keep him out of the paint, we’re in good shape.  Pg Tommy Silva said this morning in Theater class, “If we play well, we’ll win.”  I think so, too.  We’ll see on this one.  We are very capable of winning, and I think we will.  Both our boys and girls are undefeated in district thus far.

OK, Chirstmas/New Year’s/etc Wrap-up

I got lots of great stuff.  I saw lots of people and had lots of fun.  I really don’t want to give a detailed account because I don’t fell like it.  I’m hungry now and I am going to eat some CiCi’s pizza (brought home last night from Kerrville)

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