Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Today is Tuesday

The Colts looked pretty good last night. Sean Salisbury is an idiot. He thinks the Colts will get beaten. The only way the Colts get beaten is if they sit guys fo the last 3-4 weeks because they have already clinched homefield advantage. I hope they don't. An undefeated season would be pretty sweet, especially in the era of Free Agency and salary caps. Big ups to Bill Polian for keeping the "modern-era triplets" together this long, and then going out and getting a defense.

Predictions for Championship Week:

Texas (-28) over Colorado - This is a huge line. Do you think there has ever been a more one-sided conference championship?

VaTech (-14) over FSU - FSU has looked terrible lately. This one won't be that close

UCLA (+21) over USC - Seriously? Three TDs better? I don't know about that.

Louisville (NL) over UConn - Louisville will have to replace Brohm, but wouldn't it be cool to see UConn go to a BCS game. This could actually happen. The UConn Football Huskies in a BCS game. The Big East Sucks

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