Wednesday, November 30, 2005

HS Roundball and My Weekend

Both our JVs lost last night, but they did play well. The girls hung tough, but lost in the end. They are rough and so was the team they are playing. Those are the girls I had last year and they tend to foul, a lot. The boys played tough but lost in the beginning. With only 6 guys, it's tough to run with a faster team. Out Varsity girls looked pretty good even though they couldn't buy an outside shot. Kelsey is a great point guard. Our Varsity boys just got out-hustled on rebounds. Shooting was pretty much even. Defense was pretty much even. We just couldn't block out #30 from Junction. They had too many second-chance shots, and we didn't get enough. There was a huge improvement on the way the offense was run from last week. It is great to see them get better that quickly.

One advantage of being married is the chance to eat Thanksgiving meals at two families' houses. Although I slept most of Saturday, but did wake up for a great lunch. Lots of family to hang out with and they all got to see the Cutest. Baby. Ever. The Kody. Uncle Ernie trashed-talked a little when I woke up in my Texas shirt. He is an A&M grad from way back. The customary meal of leftovers was for dinner. Sunday was a weird day. I wanted to go watch "Harry Potter" or "Walk the Line". We took of to Del Rio for lunch. We all went in the Short Bus, I mean, van. If I would've known we were going to Del Rio, I would've packed and taken our car. John Jones is the most spontaneous person, yet the most predictable, in-a-rut person I have ever met. He is a walking contradiction. Was that a Green Day song off the Dookie album? Hang on, let me check Gracenote. Nope, I was wrong, it was off the Insomniac CD. Anyway, needless to say, we did not see the movie, and the lunch wasn't even that good. If it wasn't for riding in a huge van with little A/C in the back on a day that reached record highs, and going to some crazy flea markets, then I would've called the day a glaring disappointment. But, alas, it was actually pretty good. As usual, we got back to the Rock later than we wanted, but oh, well. That's just life. Sorry that all the chronology of the week was just totally obliterated, but I felt strangely compelled to share more about my weekend.

There will be beef enchiladas in the cafeteria today. They really aren't that great.

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