Monday, November 28, 2005

A Few College Football Notes

Alright, why are teams so afraid of Texas? Colorado looked like they wanted no part of the Big XII Championship by the way they got blown up by Nebraska. Likewise, same situation, different year with ISU. This would've been great for the program to play in the championship game, but no, couldn't beat Kansas. This was a pretty dissapointing year for the Big XII. To, Adam, who said Mizzou would win the North, I say, "Ha, you were wrong." Other than Texas, who out of the Big XII scares anyone? Tech? Maybe. Sure, they can put up some points, but they got trounced by Texas and lost to an inferior OSU team. Good teams don't lose to inferior teams. They just don't. Sure, there are lots of bowl eligible teams (Texas, Tech, Colorado, ISU, Nebraska, OU), but the conference isn't as intimidating as it once was.

Other news: LenDale White got hurt in practice. This could be big, but it probably won't. Reggie can carry the load. I just hope he does as well for the Texans next year. UCLA's Maurice Drew is really a good story. Read the ESPNmag article and it will make you root for him. I sort of want UCLA to win, but I also want 2 unbeatens to play in the Rose Bowl just to prove that the BCS works for the most part.

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