Monday, February 06, 2006

Sick Kid and More

Kody went to the doctor today.  He has been screaming and congested and all that stuff.  He had an appointment at 10:45.  I will call Sunni soon and check up on everything.  I hope all is well.  He hasn’t been sleeping well, so no one else has either.

A few funny things from SNL a couple of weeks ago, when Peter Sarsgaard was hosting.
1.  The Pirate Convention – Andy Samberg’s pirate got to use the immortal Boston line, but use it as a pirate, “Parrrrrrk the carrrrr in the harrrvarrrd yarrrrd.”  Hilarious.  They only had Sarsgaard at the convention to say his name, “Sarrrrrrsgaarrrrrrd!!”
2.  The “Peter Sarsgaard SARS Guard” – He originally sold surgical masks for $120 during the SARS scare.  He is now selling them at a greatly discounted price, 2 for a nickel.  Sarsgaard SARS guard.  Hilarious

What do you think was the funniest ad of the Super Bowl?  There were some pretty good ones.  I drooled over the Mobile ESPN.  I laughed out loud at the Budweiser “Streaker”.  The funniest might have been the or whatever.  They had originally had the guy working with the monkeys.  That was pretty good in itself.  When they girl worked with the jack asses, that was so funny.  I know everyone feels like that at some point.

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Texose said...

I don't know...
I would say that it was a tye in my book with the americaquest commerical with the lady falling on the sleeping man.... That would be so embrassing not to mention...
it could happen to me...yahhhhhh!