Monday, February 06, 2006

It Didn't Feel Like the Super Bowl

It just seemed like another game.  Part of it was the announcing duo.  These guys have seen everything and don’t tend to overreact much.  On that note, Brian Baldinger from FOX thinks every game is the Super Bowl.  Part of it could have been I didn’t really watch much about the game in the past two weeks.  I didn’t care that Joey Porter and Jerramy Sevens were exchanging words.  This matchup just lacked something.  It is hard to say what it is.  The game itself was good.  There were 2 SB records broken.  3 if Randle-El’s pass TD pass counts as one.  That alone says to me this is a pretty exciting game.  But it just wasn’t.  I kept waiting for the game to get exciting.  I remember getting emotionally involved with SB 38, and I did with the Rams two SBs.  This just didn’t feel like the Super Bowl.

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