Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Go Duke

I have been east of Shreveport just once.  I have spent a week in Jacksonville, Fl.  I have never been to North Carolina, but for some reason, I feel drawn to Duke.  When Adam and I were much younger, I’m thinking maybe 1992-93, when Chris Webber gave UNC the NCAA basketball championship, Adam began to like UNC, and thus, I began to like Duke.  Adam is a much more devoted UNC fan than I am a Dukie.  Neither of us have attended either of these schools, but the way Adam and Joel used to talk about Vince Carter, you’d think he lived in Robert Lee.  Adam once owned a Duke hat, but it got trampled at a Relient K concert.  Was this a signal to him not to wear a Duke hat?  I don’t know.
Anyway, yesterday’s Page2 had a nice article on hating Duke, which all people in the nation are allowed, even encouraged to do.  You just shouldn’t hate J.J. Redick.  Redick, even Duke are polarizing figures.  Most people have an opinion on Duke, either like or dislike.  I like Duke.  I hate when Duke inevitably chokes in the NCAA tourney.  I would like to know as much basketball as Coach K.  My basketball knowledge has greatly increased this season, and I really want to be a better coach.
Why is it that people hate Duke?  Because Duke is better than their alma mater, probably.  When I saw on the Duke-UNC highlights on Sportscenter, it felt good.  I don’t have a financial stake in Duke, but it’s nice to IM Adam and tell him that UNC sucks, despite them actually being the reigning NCAA champs.  That’s like saying Texas sucks at NCAA baseball just because they got beat in their opening series, which they did.

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