Friday, December 02, 2005


Wow...math is fun. Apparently, I didn't learn much math when I was younger. Either that, or I forgot a lot of it. Someone taught me about Pascal's Triangle and the Binomial Theorem today. Actually pretty cool stuff. I feel that math, more than any other subject, makes you fell really smart when you finally understand it. It's like some sort of key to the universe or something. Really empowering stuff.

We did not win last night in Center Point. We lost by a point. One freaking point. The boys showed some stones by making it that close. We stole the ball with 4 seconds left and got hacked and were at the line with 2.2 on the clock. They played a great final minute to that game. We had some big stops and some big baskets. They were all very coachable. They made great adjustments and put themselves in a position to win. You can bet we are gonna start hitting more free throws in practice.

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