Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Tougher Steroids Policy

I think the MLB is doing a good job here. They were feeling the pressure from fans and from congress to make the steroids punishmenta little more harsh. 50 games for the first offense ought to do it. not only do you miss almost a third of the season, but it also sends a message to ballclubs, including the one the offender currently plays for. Other teams will be reluctant to take a chance on guy once he has had media scrutiny and had to face questions for 50 games. The 10-day suspensions were over before most fans knew they began. This is an issue that shouldn't be swept under the rug with a short suspension. Players need to know what goes into their body. This is what they use to make money. Surgeons don't allow trainers or anyone else to "try new things" on their hands. They value the tools of their trade and will not let anyone attempt to mess them up. 100 games for the second offense, and a lifetime ban for the 3rd. I don't think anyone is stupid enough to get caught more than once.

Other baseball news: Dontrelle Willis may be leaving if Florida can get him big money. He is young and fun to watch, but how much has he proven in the last 3 seasons. Maybe he has proven he has the stuff to deserve a long-term deal, maybe he hasn't. He was phenominal in 2005, but his 2004 was less than desirable. I would love for the Astros to pick him up if Clemens does hang it up this winter. Think of this dream rotation. Oswalt, Willis, Pettitte, Backe, (Clemens). Sounds formidable.

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