Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Pujols is NL MVP

I read an interesing line in the Daily Quickie this morning. Is Pujols reaching the "Shaq Status" where he is so good, but people just take it for granted and exclude him from MVP talks because he is always so good. Pujols should have won the MVP 4 or 5 times by now, but people were too enamored with Barry Bonds's giant cro-magnon head. Pujols still won. Andruw Jones was 2nd in a two-horse race, and received waaaaaay too many votes. Pujols is 25. 25. Remember, he is 25. He should have 4 MVPs already, and could realistically win the MVP for the next 8-10 seasons. This could actually happen. Being as he plays for the Cards and not the Astros, he is a natural enemy, but he is phenominal. He's not a defensive liability and pitchers are truly afraid of him. He also has that glare that intimidates me. He is hitting .332 for his career and already has 201 HRs. Not bad for a 25 year old kid.


Adam Cates said...

Yeah, Pujols is 25. And I'm 11. I know that all of the websites and the rosters and everything else say he's 25, but have you seen him? The guy is balding so fast he's gonna look like George Costanza at "27". Maybe we need to think about that a little. My guess is that he's 35, not 25.

Coach Cates said...

I know that determining the age of some Latin players is not an exact science, but in 2012, when Pujols is still winning MVPs, and it turns out he is actually 45, then maybe that will make his accomplishments just that more amazing. As for George Costanza, no one can ever look like him. There was just something other than the baldness. There was this air of hopelessness that came with his character.