Monday, November 21, 2005

Thank You, Mr. Official

To the line judge that called Taurean Henderson's run as time expirired a touchdown, thanks. I have heard this guy is getting obscene phone calls and death threats. Henderson had a great game, and he has had a great career. Sure, Tech is a passing school, but he blocks well, cathes lots of passes out of the backfield, and when they need him to carry the ball he does a great job, and usually has a high YPC average. I hope he does well in the NFL. Too bad Tech lost to OSU. Well, I guess it is going to be the Cotton Bowl. Possibly Auburn, Possibly Florida, Alabama?

On an unrelated note, Reggie Bush is pretty good. I thought Vince Young was a lock for the Heisman until SportsCenter Sunday morning. 17 YPC? Are you kidding? Wow, just, wow. Unless Vince does something spectacular (300/200?) Friday or against Colorado then it's Bush's little trophy to lose.

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