Monday, November 21, 2005

NFL Stuff

Good job Cowboys. It wasn't always pretty, but a win is a win. Sean Salisbury is on crack, no one is beating the Colts until the playoffs, unless they decide to tank the last game like they did 2 years ago against Denver. They didn't play any of their starters, because they were gonna face Denver in the 2nd Round. Well, I think for history's sake, Dungy will want to go 16-0. New England will probably beat them in the playoffs, though. Carson Palmer played a good game. Maybe Marvin Lewis should have tried him or Chad Johnson on defense. Yeah, Adam, why didn't you play Palmer this week? Drew Brees had a big day and the Chargers look good again. The Jags are the 2nd best team in the AFC South. They would be the best in some divisions. Shaun Alexander is also very, very good. Kurt Warner is still alive and playing football.(3 TDs)

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