Saturday, November 26, 2005

Sequential Order

As I sit here on Saturday morning trying to catch up. I really want to put things in chronilogical order. Wednseday afternoon, Sunni and I actually left on time. That is quite an accomplishment with our DNA and having a little Kody.

Thanksgiving was nice. We didn't have everyone there, but some stuff can't be avoided. We didn't get to play flag football, but I guess that is OK. The food was great. Mom, Sunni, and Rebecca did a really good job. Even Adam helped this year with some green bean casserole.

A few dissapointments: The movie, "Kicking and Screaming" is horrible. I usually like anything wil Will Ferrell, but this was almost unwatchable. It was kinda like "Little Giants" but with a more obnoxious underdog coach. There were typical plot twists (if you assume there is a plot). In the end, the good guy wins for the right reasons. Yea! More dissapointments" The Cowboys. Very sad. Very, very sad. They have to be able to stop the run. Yeah, I know that denver runs as good or better than anyone else in the NFL, but still, you have to be able to stop the run. Plummer will not beat you if he is the only threat.

We left a little later than I wanted to, but that can't be avoided when you have to depend on lots of people for punctuality. We got to San Angelo, and took a little bit longer to finally get on the road. We made the requisite stops for food and stuff along the way. It was freezing in the car, but I guess that is better than falling asleep and crashing into a big, fiery ball of metal and human flesh, and sunflower seeds.

After much debate about whether to take 71 or 29, we opted for 29 because it was wider and we didn't know how much of Austin we needed to travel through. In retrospect, 71 would have been better. Thanks to Sara for letting us stay at her place. Very free accomidations are always nice. And after playing NCAA 06, and I got killed, we eventually went ot bead around 3:30 to awaken around 6:00.

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