Thursday, November 17, 2005

JH B-Ball

Well, the JH B-Ball season kicked off tonight. We only have 1 boys team for a while. The girls lost two ball games tonight because the opposition apparently brought in their JV or their Varsity. Those girls were big, and they could shoot. Hats of to the Harper girls. They have a great team. I will definitely admit that. Of course there were some bright spots for us. Our girls hung tough and never quit. For that they deserve a "shout-out". The boys, my boys played a great game in the 4th Quarter. That is very encouraging. Lots of them are cross country runners, and they can run and run. We couldn't buy a block shot all game. We overcame a 10 point deficit to lead by 1 in the 4th, but ended up losing by 4. Tough loss for them, but they're JH kids, they don't have long enough attention spans to let it sit in their mind for long. We play at home again on Monday. Great job to all the guys tonight. You all played hard. Thanks for that.

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