Thursday, November 17, 2005

Golf vs SportsCenter

Why the heck was ESPN showing golf this morning instead of SportsCenter? Couldn't they have put golf on ESPN2? Oh wait, that would interfere with the piece of crap they call "Cold Pizza". Sometimes I question what demographic they are shooting for. Do you want to cater to the audience who likes to watch SportsCenter before they go to work (Informed, responsible citizen who make money) or to the person who stays at home all day just to watch PGA from Portugal (lazy slobs who oft call in sick to play and/or watch the most boring spectator sport in the history of the universe? I believe SportsCenter should be mandatory. At least 1 hour in every 24 should be spent watching SportsCenter. And some people are too busy playing Madden the previous night to watch it. All-Madden with the passing cones on. We are 5-0, atop the NFC East.

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Adam Cates said...

what is ESPS?
just wondering