Saturday, August 25, 2007

A Pretty Good Day

Saturday work was good this morning. The film breakdown was pretty fast, and it was put in the computer easily. We headed to Austin earlier than expected. That made Sunni pretty happy, I think. We went to the Saks 5th Avenue of Goodwill stores in Cedar Park on the way to Austin. Nice stuff all those rich people donate. I got a couple of shirts, a belt and a pair of shoes. Sunni got 3 pairs of jeans, Aaron got a pair of shoes, and Kody got a book and a straw hat, and we got out of there for around $40. We are staying in the Double Tree club tonight. Aunt Bonnie is having an anniversary party and we are staying here for that. Really nice room. Super comfy bed. I am sleepy now, so I should take a nap while Sunni and the boys are out shopping with her parents and sister and her kids. Laters people.


Adam Cates said...


Coach Cates said...

I agree, especially rich peoples' Goodwill

Adam Cates said...

Was it the one on 183 right after it hits LakeLine mall? There's a pretty sweet one there.