Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Some of the Things I Hate About Liberals

Where do I begin? There are so many. I just wanted to address a couple of them today, as they were in the news. Number one: Universal Health Care. You can ask anyone in America if they like paying health insurance premiums, and 99.9% will say no. My employer pays $225 per month for mine, and I still pay $398 out of pocket each month. This is the lowest-tier plan that I am offered. Educators on TRS Active Care get s-c-r-e-w-e-d on health care premiums. Oh well. I pay it to protect my family. I understand that some families cannot afford health insurance. There are already programs like medicaid to cover the greatly impoverished. Sunni and I didn't have health insurance when we first got married, and it hurt, but it was a choice. We could have done it, we just chose not to. Universal, government controlled health care is not the way to solve this problem. Imagine how this will work. If the government is paying for it, then they regulate it. The federal government will set the prices physicians can charge, they will regulate when you can go to a hospital and where you must go. That sounds like lots of fun. How much coverage will I have? Call me capitalistic, but if I want the best medical coverage money can buy, then that is my right as a citizen. I hate being told what to do with my money, and guess who will be paying for old man stinky's cirrhosis treatment, that's right...we will, the taxpayer. I already hate paying social security for those who didn't plan for their own retirement, I DO NOT want to pay any more than I already do for other people's health care. And freaking Obama bin Laden and John "Barber Shop 3" Edwards want this 'universal health care' to cover abortions, too. Yipee. I would vomit if this all panned out they way they want. Now I'm all worked up.

Number 2: Sex Education. If you have ever read Ann Coulter's book 'Godless', she discusses some kids as early as 3rd and 4th grade taking mandatory sex education at school. No joke. Little kids. I don't know about all of you, but my high school did not offer sex ed, and I think all of us turned out OK. Sex ed is a touchy subject because liberals hate it when anyone mentions this idea of teaching abstinence. Since abstinence is the only 100% effective means to prevent pregnancy and STDs, it seems like a pretty good option, right? Oh, no, you can't mention that in school, and you better not dare mention that sexual purity is what God desires of us. Yeah, I mentioned God, I understand that is a big no-no with Liberals. Well, our good friend B. Hussein Obama thinks maybe sex ed should start as early as kindergarten! This is scary! Is this who we want running the country? If I every enrolled my sons at a school that mentioned sex to them in elementary school, they would very quickly become home-schooled, and there might be a lawsuit. That is insane.

I know that since the Democrats want to capture the far left vote for the primary, they are pandering to an even wilder ideology right now. They will move more toward the center for the general election, which is even more frightening. They will lie to us and tell us they believe in faith, and family values, but don't believe it.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! This is Intense! I agree. If only everyone had the same mindset!

(I know this was posted a long time ago)