Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Obama is Black Enough

Here's the video
In a "Take Back America" Rally, B. Hussein Obama was introduced by NAACP spokesman Roger Wilkins and was described as 'Black Enough' for the candidacy. Now, I don't know if that is an insult or what. I mean, when will people stop selling themselves short. This is another example of liberal politicians always keeping minorities under their thumb with welfare and other social programs. Now, black voters can't even have a real black candidate, just someone who is 'black enough'. What Wilkins meant to say was, "Well, he's no Bill Clinton, but he's black enough."

Or maybe it was a rallying cry just to get all blacks to vote for a candidate that is of the same skin tone. Hillary is as white as they come, and I will NEVER vote for her. I would love to see John Edwards being introduced by a Klansman in South Carolina as being 'white enough'. Well, actually, nothing would come of that because he is a Democrat. If Duncan Hunter were introduced by a Klansman, then he would promptly be stoned to death. Thank you liberals for your 'tolerance' of other people's views and your egregious double standards

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Adam Cates said...

I actually think Hillary is blacker than Obama.
check out this website.
Seriously, the coolest thing since sliced bread.