Wednesday, September 27, 2006

New Stuff

Everything was fine at Sunni's Dr. appt on Monday. That is great news. We are getting a snake on Saturday. The South Texas Herpetological Association is giving me a ball python. Pretty cool. I just got a new laptop at school. I thought I was pretty cool just getting a laptop, and now I got a brand-spanking new one. Pretty nice. Kody is taking 5-6 steps at a time and standing with ease. He doesn't need to pull up to stand, he can do it from a sitting position, just pushing off the ground. he is saying "Da-da" consistenty. That is really exciting for me. Things are pretty good around here.

The JH teams are going to Llano tomorrow, and the Varsity is going there on Friday. They are a tough team with backs that run really hard. The head coach and AD, David Yeager, coached in Brackettville two years ago. They run a nasty-slot offense with lots of misdirection in the backfield. Brackett still runs that, but with a little more junk mixed in.

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