Friday, April 28, 2006

Tis Almost Here

How do you say?...ah yes, show! The NFL draft begins tomorrow. I will be TIVOing the event. I really don't know why I am gonna TIVO it, since I will be watching it live. I think, well, just because I can. I unabashedly love my TIVO. Last year, there was a sneak peek at Madden 06. There may be the same thing this year. I am looking foward to the draft, and all the hoopla, all the Giants fans booing, no matter who they draft. They could trade picks and acquire Reggie Bush, D'Brickashaw Furgeson, and AJ Hawk, the fans would still boo. I hope Madden 07 on XBOX 360 is better this year. I am seriously thinking about buying one over the summer. Hmmmm....hmmmm.....I just don't know. I will have to talk to my financial adviser (Sunni) and my entertainment adviser (Adam). I'm thinking that if I sell the XBOX and all the games, then I could get enought to pay for 75-80% of the 360. And, I am getting a bonus in May.
The late rounds of the draft will be on the NFL Network. If you don't get the NFL Network, then call your cable provider, and get it. No joke, this is the best channel on DirecTV. Old NFL game, NFL Europe games in the offseason, mini-camp coverage, training camp coverage. Great stuff. NFL 24-7. Just beautiful.


Sunni Len said...

You know you should probably check with your fin. advisor before posting it on the web. As for the 360 I am not so sure I am willing to give up the old one and all the games plus your bonus is going to pay for your cert tests remember?
Love YA

Coach Cates said...

But just think of the NEW games you can have on the NEW xbox 360.

Adam Cates said...

How much you wanna sell it for? I may be in the market.