Monday, December 05, 2005

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to...

What a crappy weekend!  Usually what is a question word, but this is definitely an exclamation.  Twas a crappy weekend.  Ok, here’s the breakdown:

Friday afternoon, I decided to jokingly ask my wife, “You wanna go to Belton tonight?”  She asked why and I told her that Chilton and Bremond are playing.  And then, get this…she said yes!  Not just a yes, but such a resounding yes, that I could not say no without shattering her hopes and dreams.  So, we get done what we need to, gather clothes, money, Kody, all that stuff.  We head out on out spontaneous journey to Belton.

Hmmm…I can’t exactly remember what town, but I will say Johnson City, Sunni begins to get chest pains.  These intensify as we travel further.  Just beyond Dripping Springs, we (she) decided these pains will not go away, so we call off the game and took a detour to Brackenridge Hospital in Austin.  While Sunni was in the ER, Kody and I chilled in the waiting room.  Kody likes people.  He likes to see people, hear people, all that stuff.  He got mad when I took him to a more secluded, quieter part of the hospital.  As it turns out, pain is what it was last time.  We need to get it looked at if it persists.  Brackenridge has lots of nice people, they get to you quickly, and they seem to do a really good job.  I rate them pretty highly in my “Emergency Room Experiences” list.  The list is getting pretty long.

We stayed at Sara’s.  Thanks again.  I burned my tongue on some pizza.  Kody was not a happy camper.  We awoke and were going to conquer the world.  We began the trek to San Marcos for some Christmas shopping.  There was a wreck on I-35, I found out today that it was someone who was tailgating with a a mobile BBQ and the back of his truck caught fire.  Fun stuff.  We shopped and watched Texas kick the crap out of Colorado.

We returned to Austin and wanted to go to Academy.  We turned in the parking lot, and then, bam.  A guy was speeding through, and we hit him.  He said he never saw us, and our car got trashed.  Everyone was OK, but the tight little Lumina is placed on IR, but may be back for the playoffs.  Crazy times.  The collision was totally the other guy’s fault, but it is still scary.

Summer picked us up and drove almost 200 miles out of her way to deliver us to Kay’s.  thank you to everyone who helped us out.  We really appreciate it.  There has been some dissention today, but for the most part, everyone has been so helpful and comforting.  Sunni’s mom found out about her gift, but that is OK.  It is something she really wanted.  There are lots of other details that are left out, partially because I am tired of talking about this, and partially because I don’t want to take the time to try to perfect the whole story.

Let’s hope this weekend winds up better than the last.  Duke won.  Buzzer beaters count as wins.

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