Friday, November 18, 2005

Way to Go Spurs, Mavs

I just don't root for the Rockets when they play another Texas team. I guess my preference is for San Antonio first, and the Mavs are sencond. Both won last night. The Spurs won with Barry and Finley both out. the Mavs shot like Helen Keller and still won, but then again, they were playing the Hawks. What is it about the Rockets that make them the 'third team' for me? Maybe it's McGrady. He is good. He is great. He was awesome in the playoffs last year, singlehandedly winning a couple. But, when playing head up, I always want the Spurs or Mavs to win.

The Spurs are playing like the best team in the West, and the Mavs looked solid this year. Josh Howard is going to be an animal. I wish Cuban could find someone better than Dampier, though. The Spurs have a bench that is better than some teams' starting 5, so they are set. The Spurs are capable of 68-74 wins, no joke. They could threaten the Bulls for best all-time. I think the Mavs could win 60-64, or more if they didn't have to play the Spurs so often.

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