Monday, November 14, 2005

College Wrap-UIp

Texas Tech ruined all hope of any BCS props by choking in Stillwater. Not only was Okie State winless in the Big XII, but it's the same OSU team that gave up 66 pts to A&M. Very dissapointing.

Other Big XII News: The leading rusher in the conference, this same conference that brought us Ricky Williams, last year's Adrian Peterson, Troy Davis, etc...wait for it...wait for it...Brad Smith. Yes, Mizzou QB Brad Smith. He leads the conference in rushing with 1080 yds. Vince young is 3rd.

Tech has the top 2 receivers and the top passing yardage leader. Young is only 24 yds out of 2nd place in passing yardage. I never thought I'd see the day. Everyone who thought Vince was the second coming of Mike Vick, you are very, very wrong. He is much better. Young is taller, faster, and has quicker feet. He throws a better deep ball and sees the field better than Vick does right now. Could you imagine Vince hanging 300/150 on someone in the NFL right now? I could.
Texas/Texas A&M update:
The game starts at 11:00. That is pretty early, Adam. If we go at all.

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