Tuesday, November 15, 2005


So, how much weight should playing defense carry? I think it should carry a lot. Who cares how clutch Ortiz was, he played less than half the game. I'm not a huge A-Rod fan, but at least he plays defense. I don't think DHs should be considered for MVP unless they hit 50+ HRs, drive in 150+ runs, and bat over .350, yeah, I know, it's cruel, but if you only play half the game, you'd better do the other half so much better than anyone else, there should be no comparison. Take for example, when Olindo Mare or David Akers was hurt. Last year Wes Welker (WR) kicked a couple of extra points. There was no great expectation for him to be that good. This year, an Eagles' LB kicked a few PATs. Again, no great expectation. Why, because these guys play other positions. I guarantee that you expect great kicks from your kicker. He ought to be able to outkick anyone else on the team. Just like the DH ought to lead every relevant statistical category for batting. This seems like a rant, and it is.

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